Royal Gorge Moonlight Dining

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park and CafĂ© 1230 
Host a Special Evening
of Fine Dining, Moonlight on the Royal Gorge and Screaming Fun!

One Night Only 
Saturday, November15,2014  

Amazing Custom Buffet Dinner Provided by Executive Chef Jake Barr
Buffet     $19.95 for adults   Children $12.95 (ages 4-11)
Including Beef Tenderloin, Apple Herb Stuffed Pork, Mushroom Risotto Lollipops, Ginger Honey Pecan Tarts, and much more! Cocktail included with each Adult ticket.   Special options for kids.  

Arrival Time 5:30-6 p.m.   Dinner Served 6-8 p.m.         Skycoaster:     6:30- 8:30 p.m.

Take the Shuttle across the Bridge for the first time ever offered to the public, night rides on the Royal Rush Skycoaster. 1 Rider, $25, 2 Riders, $45 and 3 Riders, $60.

Dinner includes entrance fee to the park, and shuttle to the Skycoaster. No walking or personal vehicles permitted on the bridge for this event. Only diners with reservations  

Limited Seating Available

A Perfect Summer Day in Canon City

So, you have a free day and are looking for a fun, unique way to spend it while staying close to home and making lots of great family memories.  A perfect summer day in Canon City is one filled with breathtaking views, amazing adventures, beautiful music, and sweet treats.  Check out these five ways to enjoy a perfect summer day while visiting.
Steve Shames Photos

Things To Do In Dallas

When you are moving or visiting, finding fun things to do in Dallas may seem a little overwhelming.  It's a big city with lots of suburbs and lots of different things to do.  It may seem even more daunting if you're looking for fun things to do in Dallas with kids.     

Things To Do In Dallas

Fremont County Weekend Happenings August 1

Fremont County Weekend Happenings

If your in Canon City this weekend and looking for something fun to do, check out these great Weekend Happenings happening for the weekend of August 1.

Canon City Swimming Pool

I'm not sure what screams summer more than swimming at the local "watering hole."  So the opening of the Canon City Swimming Pool is the unofficial start of summer for the kids in our city.

Monday Moving Moment: What to do when Traveling and Someone Gets Sick

When we came out to visit Colorado on our house hunting trip, we were so excited.  It was the first time that Dear Hubby and I had been away from the kids alone in years.  We were here to visit for a week and had a pretty relaxed schedule in that we could eat wherever we wanted and go wherever we wanted.  It was going to be a bit of the honeymoon that we never had.

What To Do When You Get Sick On Vacation.  It always happens when you are least prepared.