Lions and Tigers and Bears--Oh my!

One of the most amazing things about living in Canon City is the wildlife.

On a daily basis you see rabbit, fox, deer, birds, turkey, lions, tigers, and bears.  Okay, maybe not the lions and tigers, but we have seen a bear or two.

Royal Gorge Route Railroad

It seems that I have always lived near train tracks.  So it's not surprising that one of my bucket list dreams has always been to ride a train.  How great would it be to sit back and relax as it takes you to your destination through amazing towns, beautiful scenery, and great company?

So I was super excited to find that one of the biggest and most unique destinations of Canon City is the Royal Gorge Route Railroad and train.  This grand Colorado train takes guests on an epic and culinary adventure along the tumbling waters of the legendary Arkansas River deep within the granite cliffs of the Royal Gorge on a 20-mile round-trip train adventure.

Canon City High School Show Choirs

When we first came to visit Florence on our house hunting trip, we were worried about things to "do" in the area.  One of the things that we were told over and over and over was to not miss out on the Canon City High School show choirs.

Canon City Music and Blossom Festival

Every year on the first weekend in May our little town really comes alive.  We have lots of music, carnival rides, a parade, and lots of home town spirit.  Canon City becomes home to the Music and Blossom Festival.

During this one weekend, there is so much to do in town that it's hard to keep the calendar updated.