Canon City Swimming Pool

I'm not sure what screams summer more than swimming at the local "watering hole."  So the opening of the Canon City Swimming Pool is the unofficial start of summer for the kids in our city.

Monday Moving Moment: What to do when Traveling and Someone Gets Sick

When we came out to visit Colorado on our house hunting trip, we were so excited.  It was the first time that Dear Hubby and I had been away from the kids alone in years.  We were here to visit for a week and had a pretty relaxed schedule in that we could eat wherever we wanted and go wherever we wanted.  It was going to be a bit of the honeymoon that we never had.

What To Do When You Get Sick On Vacation.  It always happens when you are least prepared.

Small Town Farmers Market

One of the great things about living in a small town is the sense of community.  One of the places that I feel that the best is at our small town Farmer's Market.

Small Town Famers Market by Finding Joy Around Us

3 Things You Don’t Want to Miss in Colorado Springs

While Florence is a big prison town, it's a small town in heart and feel.  If you're looking for more to see and do without going too far, it's only a short drive north to Colorado Springs.  My good friend Camille from Colorado Springs Tours and Reviews is guest posting for me today on three things you don't want to miss in Colorado Springs.

3 Things You Don’t Want to Miss in Colorado Springs

Monday Moving Moment: Portable Lego Kit

One of the greatest challenges of moving or living in a hotel is keeping the kids busy and out of trouble.  Finding small games and activities for the kids to do is a lifesaver.

Royal Gorge Rafting with American Adventure Expeditions

This post is part of the US Family Guide blogger offer.  I may be compensated part of this post in some way, but all words and ideas are 100% my own.

I went to college to become an accountant.  After taking my first year of classes, I discovered I was not cut out for all the theory and stress that career entailed.  I started looking around at other options and stumbled upon the Recreation Management degree.  I was in LOVE!

One of my classes was an introduction into some of the ways you could use your Recreation Management degree.  We got to try a lot of different activities as part of the class.  I went Paint Balling, Hot Air Ballooning, and White Water Rafting.

Our White Water Rafting trip was a little bit dissapointing.  When we went, the river was not very full so there weren't really any rapids and it was more a leisurely trip down the river (until my brother threw me into the water and lost my prescription sunglasses.  But I'm not still sore about that or anything....)

When we moved to Canon City, we found the Arkansas River was a big part of the local life and economy.  As you drove through town or rode on the Royal Gorge train, you could see rafters having a ball on the river. It's something my kids are anxious to try, but I admit, I thought the price has kept us from trying it.  I didn't realize it was affordable after all.

Recently, I was offered a half day trip down the river by American Adventure Expeditions.  This is from their website:

Our Royal Gorge adventure is Colorado white water rafting at its best and is consistently considered one of the top 10 whitewater rafting runs in the country! Our knowledgeable and fun Guides will securely take you through this epic stretch of whitewater while pointing out the beauty of the towering thousand foot canyon walls, and preparing you for unforgettable rapids. This AAE adventure is guaranteed to thrill even the most experienced whitewater-rafting enthusiasts.
Expect big drops and crashing waves while Arkansas River rafting through rapids such as Sunshine Falls, Boat Eater, and Wall Slammer. In addition to the amazing whitewater, you’ll float under the world’s highest suspension bridge at over 1,100 feet tall! These Royal Gorge rafting trips leave from our Royal Gorge office, just west of Cañon City.
Pretty exciting huh?  Well, how about seeing it first hand?  Check out this great video that really makes you want to give it a try!

Come give American Adventure Expeditions a try with me.  You can make it more affordable and fun with this great buy 3 get the 4th FREE! - See this coupon for details.  Get more information and book Royal
Gorge Rafting trips with American Adventure Expe
ditions today! Call 719-395-2409 or book online at

Florence 4th of July Town Parade

I don't understand the lack of parades in our little town.  What town doesn't like to get together and celebrate every holiday by throwing together crazy, fun floats to celebrate every group and organization that ever existed in town?  I don't get it.
So I was really dissapointed to hear that Canon City only has two parades all year long, and neither one celebrates Independence Day.  But Florence came through with their wonderful and unique 4th of July parade.

Not only can you go and share your patriotic spirit with this wonderful, little town, but the kids will get a little extra something special with Florence's unique parade.  After touring half of the town, the parade participants pull out their water guns and have a fun water soaking as the parade continues.

I love how unique and fun this idea is.  It cools off the kids and keeps them entertained with the parade in a whole new way.  So if you're looking for something great to do on the Fourth of July, go visit downtown Florence for a unique and fun Patriotic Parade.