Florence 4th of July Town Parade

I don't understand the lack of parades in our little town.  What town doesn't like to get together and celebrate every holiday by throwing together crazy, fun floats to celebrate every group and organization that ever existed in town?  I don't get it.
So I was really dissapointed to hear that Canon City only has two parades all year long, and neither one celebrates Independence Day.  But Florence came through with their wonderful and unique 4th of July parade.

Not only can you go and share your patriotic spirit with this wonderful, little town, but the kids will get a little extra something special with Florence's unique parade.  After touring half of the town, the parade participants pull out their water guns and have a fun water soaking as the parade continues.

I love how unique and fun this idea is.  It cools off the kids and keeps them entertained with the parade in a whole new way.  So if you're looking for something great to do on the Fourth of July, go visit downtown Florence for a unique and fun Patriotic Parade.