El Caporal Family Mexican Restaurant

I'm originally from Texas and I love a good enchilada, so it's not really a surprise that most of my favorite places to eat are Mexican restaurants.  That's usually one of the first places that I try to find to eat in a new town.

Canon City has a few Mexican restaurants and they are all local eateries owned and run by local people.  El Caporal Family Mexican Restaurant has turned out to be our favorite of all.

One of my favorite items at El Caporal is their free Chips and Salsa.  The bowl of chips is large and usually warm and tasty.  I am a salt fiend, so we do add a "bit" of salt to the chips and then chow down until our food comes.

I have to admit, that I am pretty disappointed that the restaurant doesn't offer a queso dip.  We've talked to the staff about it and they said they'd look into it when they started working on their new menus, but for now, I miss my cheese sauce.

I am pretty predictable when I go to a restaurant.  I figure if I am going to pay the money to go out to eat, I'm going to get something that I know I will like.

For me, that is the Enchilada dinner.  It comes with 2 enchiladas in your choice of beef, cheese, or chicken, a side of Mexican rice, and some refried beans.  I don't know if it's just me, but I don't get why it doesn't have lettuce to it, but that's an extra cost that I don't ever spring for.

Dear Hubby on the other hand, loves to mix things up.  He tries a new meal every time we go.  This time he had the xxx and a double portion of refried beans.  Since we love to enjoy the beans with our chips, it usually means an extra bowl of chips with our meal.

Since Dear Hubby is working the DUMB evening shift, we like to go to El Caporal for lunch on his days off.  We have been able to order lunch and spend the afternoon enjoying each others company for less than $20.00.

If you like a good Mexican restaurant, than I definitely recommend El Caporal in Canon City, CO.  They are family friendly, the wait time to get a seat is usually very quick, the food is priced reasonable, and the waitstaff is very friendly and the meals quick to the table.

You can find El Caporal at

1028 Main Street Canon City,  CO  81212