Hello From Canon City, Colorado!

We are a DOJ family living in the mountains of Colorado.

Sunrise over the mountains of Canon City Colorado

While both Dear Hubby and I were military brats growing up, moving with the DOJ as an adult and parent was a lot harder than military moves as a kid.  After moving to small town Canon City, we had a hard time trying to find places to eat and things to do.

Map of Canon City Colorado

After living here for two years, there are moments I think about our move and wish I had known then what I know now.

In an effort to help others who are moving with the DOJ, I wanted to share what I've learned and try to help  you find the Joy all around us.

Rainbow over Canon City Colorado

This blog will be a place to share the best places to eat in town.  The fun things to do with your kids.  And the events that you surely shouldn't miss out on.

My dream is to have other DOJ moms and wives, share their special places in hometowns around the country so when our little family gets the call to move again, we'll be a little more prepared this time.