Monday Moving Moment: Clothing Storage Containers

When we started actually looking at the logistics of moving with the Bureau and living in a hotel for an unknown amount of time, the thought of living out of a suitcase and having to keep up with six people's clothes and stuff gave me a headache.

I just couldn't imagine suitcases all over a small hotel space.  I guess you could say I'm just not a suitcase kind of gal.

When I was wandering through Walmart one day, I came across a solution that saved my sanity.

I purchased six Sterilite 17571706 66-Quart ClearView Latch Boxes and gave one to each of our family to pack the clothes they wanted to keep with them for the move.  We wrote their names on the tops of the containers and the sides so it was easy for everyone to know who's was who's.

My daughter was the only one who complained that it was too small, and wouldn't work for her.  But it ended up being wonderful in that it kept her clothes pile down to a minimum so we didn't have clothes everywhere during our hotel stay. Since the kids really wore the same few clothes most of the time anyway, it worked out nicely.

Another great benefit of these boxes is that they stack nicely.  After everyone got dressed for the day, I could stack all the boxes in a corner of the hotel room and they were out of the way.  They also stacked wonderfully in the back of the car.

We loved the idea so much and it worked so nicely, that we now use our boxes every time we go on vacation.