Monday Moving Moment: Kids Roadtrip Activity Binders

Okay, so you have your transfer orders.  The movers are scheduled, your house hunting trip is planned, and now you are thinking about the long drive from your old home to your new city.

Are you cringing?

I know I was.  The thought of two and a half days in the car with my kids was almost more than I could consider.  I was praying it wouldn't be two and a half days of yelling, whining, and fighting.

I wish I had seen these Kids Roadtrip Activity Binders from Our Best Bites when we were getting ready for our drive.

The idea of having binders with all types of printables and activities for kids to do on the long moving trip is such a good one!  You can find the PDF file with the game printables at Our Best Bites, or head over to Pinterest to our Traveling with Kids Board for more games.