Skyline Drive

Before we had even moved to the Florence area, I had heard of Skyline Drive.

Some friends of ours who had lived here years before recommended we try it when we came out on our house hunting trip.  So of course, we did.

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I think I could have kicked them both in the knee caps after that experience.

I ABSOLUTELY hate heights...and mountain driving...and one lane roads.  If you combine all three of those fears, then you have Skyline Drive outside of Canon City in a nut shell.

I'm told the view was pretty nice, but I admit, I sat with my eyes shut and my head between my knees praying it would be over, so I couldn't tell you for sure.

I'm not sure I would recommend this drive if you're coming to the Canon City or Florence area.  In fact, I've threatened my children that if I ever found they had been up there they would be grounded for life.  I'm pretty sure they have since they all just roll their eyes at me.  But for now, at least I can say I did it and lived through the experience.