Canon City Music and Blossom Festival

Every year on the first weekend in May our little town really comes alive.  We have lots of music, carnival rides, a parade, and lots of home town spirit.  Canon City becomes home to the Music and Blossom Festival.

During this one weekend, there is so much to do in town that it's hard to keep the calendar updated.

The carnival is running with lots of thrills and sweet treats.  I can't wait to stop by there tonight and pick me up a funnel cake and a freshly squeezed lemonade.  (I admit, I could happily skip the rest of the carnival activity, but don't let me miss the midway fare.)

It looks like there are a few new rides and attractions this year, as well as fun for the little ones and the thrill seekers.  This will be the first year my littlest one will be more interested in the "big" rides than the slides and fun houses.  We'll see how well I handle it watching from the ground.

Saturday morning the Blossom Festival parade runs through downtown Canon City.  It starts on 3rd street and runs through 9th street.  Anywhere you sit on the route will be filled with fun people watching, great floats, and unique offerings from the downtown merchants.

I would definitely take a stop by the Kitchen Pantry at 619 Main Street to find some handmade treats from local Canon City vendors.  I love the Rise and Shine donuts that are sold there as well as the offerings of cake pops and other great snacks.

The Craft Fair at Veterans Park runs Friday and Saturday for most of the day.  Being from a few larger towns and festivals throughout the years, I'm sad to say that this is usually the biggest let down for me.  The possibilities are endless of finding wonderful crafts and unique gift ideas at craft fairs, but it seems that a lot of what you find here will be local companies sharing information or a few wares.

But don't miss it, because the occasional hidden gem will surprise you.  One year, I found the yummiest candy suckers shared by a local company based out of Pueblo.  Another year, there were some amazing wood workings.  I will definitely be looking for the unusual and great as I enjoy the music floating through the craft fair.

At the local high schools, there will be plenty of great action for those who like to hear more music or athletic ability.  At Florence high school, you can listen to the Jazz Band competition while Canon City High School is hosting the xxx competition as well as the high school track meet.

Plus, if you're into running, don't miss out on the half marathon or 5K run going on Saturday morning.  I am not a runner, but have seen some great rewards being passed out at the end of the race for those who need a little motivation.  (One year they gave out Chocolate covered caramel apples, while another year it was chocolate Oreo medallions!)

If you're visiting Canon City, Florence, or Penrose this weekend, be sure to check out our calendar with some of the great activities going on for the Music and Blossom festival.  You'll be glad you stopped by to enjoy this music filled weekend.